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You may not realize this but did you know that the dream in your heart was given to you by GOD?

It's true!

HE chose you to steward the dream and allow HIM to build it through you so that other peoples lives could be changed for the better.

But sadly many often get discouraged and give up because they don't realize the process that is needed to make that dream come to pass. They think that all the trials and hardships are telling them that it is impossible.

But truth be told, once that dream was given to you, a set of challenges were custom designed to come across your path to help you get ready to shoulder the responsibility of handling that dream with integrity and love.

But to see that dream come true, to the end, you have to go through the refiners fire and when you combine that with the right understanding and a set of tools and systems, you can almost guarantee that you will one day stand in that dream!

Believe me when you read the following story because for more than 20 years "I" had a burning dream in my heart. The dream was to help people understand that there was more to this life and that they had both a purpose and a mission. That there truly was an abundant joyful life.

"I" also wanted to help the youth tap into that vision early on so their younger years would not be wasted on foolish pursuits.

"I" was also allowed to see older people coming alive after having their dreams dashed upon the shores.

"I" wanted that dream so bad that "I" devoured success ideas. "I" was constantly learning and researching how to help people. "I" traveled with Jim Rohn as His promoter helping people grasp the little key insights to help them succeed in life and business.

Then Jim encouraged me to step out from under His shadow and touch the world with my passion. We launched and soon were doing serious business.

Then overnight everything came to a screeching halt.

"I" lost everything!

My life was wiped out. More than 1/2million in personal saving, my business, my home, my car and my family was gone in an instant.

"I" was devastated. "I" ended up working at the Hyatt Hotel as a camp counselor being paid $6.50 and hour.

Little did "I" know it was to be the first of several kilns to shape me for better things to come.

All "I" knew is that "I" thought "I" was going to be there forever. One woman who worked there for 14 years finally got a raise to $6.75/hr. "I" thought to myself. My life is over. How can "I" have a life at $6.75 an hour.

To me my dream was dead. But slowly GOD used that fire to begin to shape me.

First, if you can tell, death had to come to "I".

If you notice there is much of what "I" wanted instead of what HE wanted. HE had to teach me, the hard way because of my stubbornness, that the Dream in My Heart was HIS not mine....

So...Slowly over the course of 10+ years HE began to build a solid foundation on HIS truths so that those who would come across my path would also be built on solid ground.

He actually spoke deep in my heart one day when my soul was in a dark and hurting place and said "If you would have succeeded you would have led many people astray." WOW what a wake up call.

Thus began my own journey that continues on today. HE taught me that much of what is called success out in the world is a form of selfish ambition only to fulfill our lives with more personal consumption, pride and and personal satisfaction.

Instead HE taught me the true secretes to success and it was that fine tuning HE used to put me on the narrow path.

And HE's doing the same for you!

Do you have a dream? You must or you would not be here. Well to see that dream come true there is much that you must learn but take heart. It is so worth it.

For starters you must start with a plan. A plan of not just goals but something much more. Why?

Over the years goal setting has become very popular among those who believe they make things happen but have you ever noticed that so many of those same people still are not happy or are falling short in accomplishing their true hearts desires?

It may surprise you and may even shock you to know that more than  87% of those who use a goal setting approaches never fulfill their true life's goals. Further more almost 97% of all goal programs fail to assist those same people in obtaining their real goals. Did you ever  stop  to think why?

If the majority of the population can successfully walk, talk and eat then why is it that 80-90% of all small businesses and more than 90% of the population finds themselves falling short in life fulfillment?

Answer....because they neglect one or more of Key foundational pillars for success. Three of those are:

  1. Knowing & Understanding Your True Purpose - Unleashes unlimited sources of energy and passion & gives you laser focus.

  2. The Proper Application of Wisdom - Clearly Laid Out, In Tangible Well Defined Steps.

  3. A Strong Accountability & Support Systems - Keep You Focused & In Remembrance Of Your Objectives.

By implementing these foundational principles in your life you'll tap into a reservoir of passion, hope and life Plus you'll find yourself conquering every goal and being relentless in the pursuit of your true life's work. 

You won't find yourself getting distracted or quitting as you'll have laser like focus and intense determination. You will never settle for living below your capabilities.

That is why we assembled the "What's Your Dream Movie" that You just saw. It was designed to be one of several powerful resources inside a special package to help you fulfill your dream.

Even if your dream seems to have died, the DNA of that dream are still there because it was given to you by GOD.

Interestingly HE wanted you to die to it so HE could resurrect it and build it for you. Once you were dead to it, you would not get in the way and screw it up.

You see HE wanted to do it all along. HE let you see it so you could have hope, but then HE had to strip away your own self effort so only HE would get the credit for that dream. No matter how big or how small.

So let me encourage you to take a step of faith and get yourself enrolled in the Dream Builders Program by ordering the Dream Builders Package.

The Dream Builders Package with Our Strategic Freedom Planning system was designed so that the Dream that was given to you, can come forth and server millions of other people. Trust me...You will walk in the fulfillment you have so longed to enjoy.

This system helps you to implement each of the principles listed above, and other key principles by guiding you back to what you used to do naturally and integrating the principles back into your daily life.

Stop letting the voices of discouragement and failure hold you back.

Step out and allow the process to begin to turn those dreams into reality this year and experience the joy, the happiness and fulfillment when you are living your true purpose.

Will You stay in the darkness of hopelessness and misery and simply existing or will you step out into the Light and allow the life that comes with that dream, to burst back on to the scene?

Make 2013 A Year To Remember!


  Don't Put Your Dream Off Any Longer. There Are Millions Who Are Depending On You!!